1st Year Transfer Programme

Finishing Primary School and starting Secondary School can be one of the most significant times in students’ lives.

They will arrive at their new Secondary School with a mixture of excitement, fear, worry, bravado and uncertainty. But one thing is certain… they will receive as much help and support as is possible from staff at Corran College from that first day and throughout the beginning weeks of Secondary School to ensure they make as seamless a transition as possible.

Here at Corran College we have a Pastoral Care Team made up of the Principal, Deputy Principal, Guidance Counsellor, Home School Community Liaison Officer and the School Completion Project Worker that work to address and support the new first year’s anxieties and concerns.

The School Completion Programme Project Worker will deliver a programme each week in September for the first 6-8 weeks with the 1st year group called the Transfer Programme.

The overall aim of this programme is to equip the new 1st Year students with guidance on how best to cope with the many changes moving to Secondary School brings.

The Transfer Programme covers many areas and is broken into sections that the students will gain knowledge and advice. These sections are as follows….

· New People, New Beginnings

· Organisational Skills

· Behaviour for learning

· New subjects, Teachers & thinking skills

· Moving on

The new 1st Year students will engage in this programme that will go towards helping them settle into their new school, Corran College. The students will benefit from being really listened to as regards theirs concerns and worries as well as their hopes and dreams for Secondary School.