Student voice is an overarching term that concerns dialogue, discussion and consultation with the students and by students about their experiences in our schools and their classrooms. Student voice is complex and is often challenged by authority, by power and simply by the routine of how we have always done things in schools. Students, the raison d’être of schools, have often been ignored, excluded or even silenced in relation to articulating their experiences, their feelings or their views on what a school provides for them, does to them or does with them, during the years of their primary and post-primary education. Here at Corran College we respect the views of our students, working with them in how we go about their education.

Our relationships with our student have always been built on mutual respect, honesty and trust.

From time to time we need to get you our Students to complete surveys and contribute to school policy formation. You will find information or links on this page to gather your opinions.

Student Suggestion Box

If you feel there are ways, we can improve our practice or feel there are things you would like to change in our school environment, please feel free to fill the suggestion box below: