We offer a choice of three Leaving Certificates at senior cycle

Traditional Leaving Certificate

This school offers all subjects at Higher and Ordinary levels for entry to all 3rd level Colleges.

  • Irish

  • Biology

  • French

  • Physical Education

  • English

  • Home Economics

  • Geography

  • Religion

  • Mathematics

  • Construction Studies

  • Business

  • Design & Communication Graphics

  • Art, Craft Design

  • Engineering

  • Computers

L. C. V. Programme

Students follow the Leaving Certificate Programme and also study an additional vocational module. The programme prepares students for 3rd level and the world of work. This module includes

  • Preparation for work
  • Work placement

  • Enterprise education

Students prepare for the world of work through:

  • C.V. Portfolio
  • Letter Writing, Form Filling

  • Interview Preparation

  • Research Development

  • Careers Seminars

  • Visits to potential work places

Leaving Certificate Applied Programme

The Leaving Cert Applied Programme is a distinct self-contained Leaving Cert programme and is designed for those students who do not wish to proceed directly to third level education. The Leaving Cert Applied is structured around three main elements:

  • Vocational Preparation
  • Vocational Education

  • General Education

The programme equips students to:

  • Be innovative and enterprising
  • Take responsibility for their own learning

  • Adapt to changing circumstance

  • Evaluate data and devise solutions to problems

  • Communicate their thoughts and ideas effectively

  • Work with others as part of a team

  • Investigate and plan career options

  • Use information and communications technologies

  • Investigate local business and community enterprises

  • Learn from their experiences