Ms Brennan is the Home School Community Liaison Coordinator in our school. Ms. Brennan is available for a chat on 086 138 3658 and she is also available to visit you if you have any concerns about your child that you would like to discuss.

The strategic goal of the HSCL scheme is to improve educational outcomes for children at risk of not fully attending, participating or being retained within the
formal educational system, by supporting parents and guardians.

The HSCL programme seeks to promote and develop real partnership between parents, teachers and communities, in order to enhance pupils’ outcomes and learning opportunities, through improved attendance, participation and retention in the education system.

Through a range of interventions and strategies, designed to improve educational outcomes for children, she will collaborate with our students, teachers and parents.

Ms Brennan will meet parents either at their homes or at school. She will also organise coffee mornings and courses throughout the year.

Ms. Brennan